Singapore Eating Habits Statistics 2021

Eating habits are largely influenced by personality, culture, and society. What fruits and vegetables you find delicious and in what quantities you consume them is a reflection of your culture, religion, and overall health habits.

As part of world-class cities like Singapore, where lifestyle is highly prioritized, health is also a major concern. This makes having healthy eating habits very easy to adopt.

In fact, one survey found that half of Singapore residents aged 18 to 30 had never eaten anything but bread and potatoes for breakfast, and just one in four had ever eaten any type of fruit or vegetables.

This has resulted in the city-state being known for its abundance of supermarkets and eateries. As a result, people often eat way more than they need to.

This can lead to weight gain or unhealthy dieting methods like Paleo or ketogenic diets where the intake of certain foods is reduced or eliminated completely.

More Asian foods are consumed

singapore eating habits statistics 2021

As we age, we become more interested in things that are new to us. More people are introduced to unfamiliar foods through eating habits and Television shows and movies about exotic foods.

This is a growing trend as people gain age. More individuals are introduced to healthy eating habits through media and culture.

This is a positive thing as it makes more individuals consider nutritious food choices and the culture of eating has not always included lots of fresh, fruit and vegetables. This is good!

More people are discovering the benefits of healthy eating including men. A study found that men who eat meat are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). This could be due to the hormone testosterone which is found in animal flesh. Read more here.

More processed foods are eaten

singapore eating habits statistics 2021

As we grow up, we often develop habits that stick. We eat what our friends and family are eating, they’re eating, and they’re saturated in processed foods.

We don’t realize how many foods are high in sugar or fat or how often we eat them. As we get older, our tastes change but the junk food eating style doesn’t go away.

This is a problem! People who eat Junk Food style diets have high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that are poor in antioxidants like vitamins and minerals. They also tend to be more likely to gain weight quickly because they’re constantly consuming calories from the few healthy things they do consume.

I know it can be hard to pass up junk food options when you’re surrounded by healthy foods on a regular basis, but it’s important to keep an eye on your intake for signs of overconsumption.

Vietnamese cuisine is popular

For a city-state with a small population, Singapore has a huge appetite. This can be seen in the number of restaurants and food vendors that operate in Singapore. There are over 200 total, making it one of the largest cities in Asia!

The number of restaurants has increased by about 20% yearly since 2010, making it an ever-increasing trend. In 2015, there were over 100 restaurant locations operating in Singapore, making it one of the most restaurant-filled cities in Asia.

Some popular foods eaten in Singapore include hawker food, rice dishes, ice cream and desserts, pho and Cambodian cuisine. Phuong Ngo’s is one Australian keto dietician who recommends eating pho almost every day on keto!

Overall, dietary scientists would say that people on keto are more likely to eat overall healthier foods because of their low carbohydrate intake.

Local food is still popular

singapore eating habits statistics 2021

As mentioned earlier, local food is very popular in Singapore. Local eateries are readily available, and you can find them even in the largest of cities such as Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Expo Terminal.

This popularity is not due to lack of restaurants overseas, however. Most international restaurants offer delivery and/or mobile app notifications. Moreover, many international chains now have localized apps that cater to your area of interest.

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t eat until you go home without it,” and true eating statistics agree with this statement. When people do receive eating instructions from overseas, they are often bad at following them.

Intake diaries are common when someone receives nutrition information from a place they have never visited or from an app they have never used before.

More consumers buy ready-made meals

singapore eating habits statistics 2021

More consumers are buying ready-made meals, making it the preferred eat-out style. This is due to more outlets offering pre-made dishes, making it easier to enjoy multiple meals in one sitting.

More consumers are also preferring delivery and order-and-go eats, making dining out at restaurants more popular. This is due to higher prices and less time spent shopping and preparing your own meal.

More restaurants have opened up to cater to this preference, which is good news for diners! Most have opened in the last year and a half, however.

Note: There are still people who prefer cooking their own food, like you did in the old days when you went to eat at a restaurant.

Many people eat rice regularly

singapore eating habits statistics 2021

Although it is the second most popular food in Singapore, rice is not consumed nearly as often as chicken or steak. This is likely due to its low frequency of eating.

Many people are surprised by how much rice they eat. Most people have at least two kinds of rice in their diet, and usually around age 20, people start to pay attention to how much they are eating and how well it is reacting to your body.

This year, the average person in Singapore will eat around five-six bags of instant fried rice per year, making it one of the more frequent foods people eat. This may seem like a lot of rice, but it actually isn’t that difficult to cook.

People are concerned about their health

singapore eating habits statistics 2021

Our era is one of health concern. People are worried about their Looks, Health, and Health of others.

Lookism is a thing, and it’s very real. You can’t help but look at how someone else looks and how they carry themselves. It makes you feel good to help people feel good by giving them beauty treatments or overall good health habits.

Health awareness has increased over the years due to the large number of news stories about health issues.

Many people are looking for ways to improve their health habits as they know nothing can ever be perfect.

Food has become a leisure activity

singapore eating habits statistics 2021

With so many options in Singapore, you would think that you would eat enough. However, it’s clear that people are finding new ways to enjoy food and eat more often.

The number of restaurants and cafes has been increasing at a rapid pace over the past year. Most are located in Central and Western Singapore, though there are also a few spots in the East Coast (Coral Bay, for example).

There are now even more options when it comes to what you eat because of the rapidly growing dining scene. You can now find high quality, affordable food almost anywhere in Central and Western Singapore.

Since 2009, the number of eateries has increased by 58%, which is pretty impressive! It is easy to develop an addiction to eating so much as soon as the average person finds it so enjoyable.

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