Singapore Meal Plan

singapore meal plan

Singaporeans are making healthier food choices with more fruits, vegetables and low-saturated fats in their diets; however, too many still consume too much sugar and salt.

Here are a few of the best Singapore meal plan services that can deliver nutritious meals directly to your door step and help you achieve improved health.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen SG offers delicious meals designed by fitness coaches that help you reach your physical goals quickly and deliciously. From weight loss and muscle building, they offer plans designed specifically to your lifestyle and diet – with high-quality ingredients delivered directly to your door and a selection of delectable cuisines available as options.

Nutrition Kitchen SG began offering customized meal plans in 2018 for both individuals and businesses alike. Their plans can meet your nutritional needs whether that means vegetarianism, low-carb eating or being flexible around eating habits such as flexitarianism.

Nutrition Kitchen SG customers can take advantage of coupon codes to save money when placing orders with us. Redeemable on our website, these discount coupons can be combined for greater savings; plus they are completely free and do not expire!

F45 Challenge Meal Plan

F45 Challenge members gain access to a tailored nutrition program designed to help them meet their health goals, including daily meal plans and tracking systems to keep you accountable. Plus, F45’s dedicated nutrition team provides advice and recipes.

Our team provides delicious vegetarian, vegan, and meat options that can be prepared at home or at a studio. Their meals are tasty yet nutritious – perfect for helping people lose weight without losing muscle mass while simultaneously making workouts more effective.

Healthy nutrition is vital to reaching fitness goals, but sticking with an eating plan on an busy schedule can be challenging. Luckily, Singapore offers various meal delivery services that can assist in staying on track with a nutritious diet – some even offering healthy choices like lunch and dinner deliveries that include protein, carbohydrates, and fats in each calorie-controlled meal! You can have these meals sent directly to your office, home, or gym!

Yolo Food

YOLO Food provides healthy ready meals in its cafe, at local gyms and offices, and through delivery services such as Ubereats, Foodpanda, Deliveroo and Feastbump. Founded by former corporate worker Alexis Bauduin – who knows first-hand the challenges associated with healthy foods often associated with tastelessness and high prices – Alexis wants to change people’s perceptions of them and believes eating a balanced diet is the key to good health.

This company, based out of Burton town centre, sells meals through three avenues: individual food plans packages for home consumption; express fridges supplied to cafes, gyms and offices locally; and its own YOLO cafe. Meals can also be delivered throughout the UK using various delivery services.

Yolo Food & Housing Network collaborates with over 200 non profit partnerships throughout Yolo County to end hunger and malnutrition within its service area. They aim to deliver fresh, nutrious food directly to people in need by collecting, storing and distributing agricultural products from farms of all sizes.


Navigating work, family and social commitments can make finding time to cook a difficult challenge. Yet eating healthily is essential to overall wellness – which makes meal plans such a convenient and healthy solution! These meal delivery services provide various menu options as well as home delivery.

WhyQ is Singapore’s premier hawker food delivery app that connects you to popular hawker centres and food courts nearby! Their one-stop app makes enjoying affordable hawker foods hassle free without long queues or minimum orders; plus their $1.5 delivery charge makes WhyQ one of the lowest in the industry!

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