Singapore Meal Plan – 5 Singapore Meal Plan Options

singapore meal plan

If your goal is to eat clean and lose weight or build muscle, a solid meal plan is key. With options ranging from home delivery halal meals to all-natural ingredients – Singapore has many meal plan solutions available!

Singapore is an ideal place to live, but its food security can sometimes present difficulties. Therefore, its government needs to do more in order to guarantee Singaporeans access to healthy, affordable and nourishing meals.

Nutritious Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen was established by personal trainers as a meal plan service that provides delicious chef-designed macro-balanced meals delivered right to your door. By eliminating the time and hassle of meal preparation and tracking calories alone, Nutrition Kitchen makes life simpler for busy individuals who may struggle to prepare meals that satisfy both criteria.

Menu offerings vary weekly to keep tastes exciting, with dishes such as Makhani coconut chicken curry to burnt miso chicken with pomegranate and pickled walnut salsa on offer. In addition, it offers a vegan meal plan which emphasizes high-protein and low-carb offerings.

Nutrition Kitchen offers two distinct meal plans to assist weight loss: sculpt (calorie-controlled to support weight loss) and balanced (nutritious cuisine). Our meals are created by body composition experts as well as nutritionally informed chefs.

These meals are calorie-controlled and come with an automated calorie counter so you can track your diet effectively. Furthermore, they’re gluten-free and packed with plenty of protein to help build lean muscle mass.


FitThree caters to gym-goers and health-conscious individuals by offering nutritious meals that support an active lifestyle. Their recipes utilize nutrient-rich, unprocessed ingredients whenever possible; using local suppliers whenever feasible.

Their menu is updated weekly with both familiar recipes and innovative new offerings to offer customers a range of choices. In addition, the company provides various meal plans aimed at weight management or muscle building – with calories-controlled options as well as more caloric meals available for consumption.

Consumers can select meals tailored for omnitarian, low-carb and vegetarian diets from this store’s selection. Their website provides customers with nutritional details including calories and ingredient details to customize their diet according to individual goals.

Customers benefit from this twice-week delivery schedule as it encourages meal planning ahead and creates a regular routine, while at the same time ensuring their food remains fresh after several days stored in the fridge.


YOLO Food is a healthy take-out concept rooted in Alexis Bauduin’s simple but effective philosophy: delicious food can actually be good for you! Launched in 2015, its menu has been designed to make eating clean and healthy simple and enjoyable, featuring signature dishes.

No matter your health goals – whether that means losing weight, maintaining fitness levels or eating clean – Yolo’s tailored meal plans will have you on track quickly! Each one offers pre-packed meals, snacks and beverages designed to keep you nourished all day long.

All meals are designed to be both fun and tasty – as well as easily accessible – using ingredients available across Singapore. In addition, our menu is regularly refreshed so that no one will get bored!


WhyQ offers food delivery service from over 2000 hawker stalls island-wide, making your favourite dishes accessible at your doorstep without minimum order requirements or delivery fees exceeding S$1.5. With no minimum order threshold or S$1.5 delivery fees, WhyQ makes an affordable solution for all those craving local flavour.

WhyQ founder Rishabh Singhvi told e27 that queuing at hawker centers is one of the biggest headaches for Singaporeans. According to him, their approach of grouping orders together has helped reduce queue times significantly.

He noted that the platform allows eateries to utilize third-party services and self-deliver their products, giving them an edge against big players such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Grab.

WhyQ offers two free products designed to assist micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in digitally modernising their businesses: an eBiz app and digital bookkeeping app. EBiz allows MSMEs to set up storefronts online within minutes as well as connect to popular marketplaces, accept payments online instantly and connect to logistics services – all within 60 seconds.

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