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If you’re looking to host a super Quickie or quick bite with your family or friends, the Singapore meal plan is for you. With over 20 food stalls found throughout Singapore, it is easy to find a place to go every day of the week.

Most of them offer Prix Pro quality food at affordable prices, so you do not have to budget everything all week! Plus, each stall has a unique style and menu that you can discover in unison, making it an enjoyable and engaging experience.

This meal plan introduces how the Singapore meal plan works and why it is such a good solution for beginners. It also discusses some common questions asked about this diet style dieting.

blurple : The Singapore meal plan is similar to the low-carb diet in that all of the foods are high in fat and protein.

Pick your favorite restaurants

singapore meal plan

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of great restaurants in Singapore. There are even two vegan restaurants in the same city!

Many vegetarian and vegan restaurants offer special meals that include little veggies. For example, Groupon offers a meal deal where you can request no vegetables on your order. Even if you don’t, many of the dishes are delicious!

Most restaurants allow you to substitute an animal product for one of the plant proteins. For example, some meat-free cuisines exist such as tempeh or chickpea pattys.

If you want to try one restaurant and don’t have to much time or would like to go back again, ask them if they have any bad reviews on their website. If they do, you can probably find a good replacement restaurant close by.

Pick your favorite dishes

singapore meal plan

If you’re hungry, you should eat! So why not make it easy with the Singapore meal plan. With it, you can choose your favorite dishes and eat as much as you want.

With this meal plan, you can get more food for an affordable price. It includes four-course meals in either full or half sizes. Full sizes are typically larger than half sizes, so you get more food in one dose.

You can even mix and match the types of food on your menu to create different meals. For example, you could have a entree and a side with each day of the week! This is helpful if you are hungry often.

Full size meals cost between $3 and $5 while half size meals cost $1 to $1 1/2.

Order your meal plan weeks in advance

It’s best to make your plans well in advance of your trip as Singapore has limited availability. Also, you can get more discounts if you buy your meal plan in advance.

Many restaurants and marketplaces offer advance ordering, so be sure to take advantage of this.

The best time to order is weeks in advance of your trip as most places have supplies in anticipation of large crowds.

Many places offer two-day or three-day plans so that you can have some flexibility in managing your schedule.

Pay for your meal plan immediately

singapore meal plan

For new customers, you can try the Singapore meal plan for $20 per week. This includes unlimited food and drinks, making it the most cost-effective way to eat out in Singapore.

For $20 per week, you get unlimited food and drinks for up to 7 days. You also get 7 days of service, so you can just pay for 7 days of food and drink.

The problem is that the food and drink included in your meal plan package must be ordered in advance, which is why it costs $20. Ordering early means paying more — sometimes up to $10 more!

But if you just want some food and drink to keep yourself busy while you tour Singapore, then this is the best way to do it.

Track what you have eaten and when

singapore meal plan

You can track your progress while you are on the meal plan by keeping a record of your food and drink consumption. This is useful if you find yourself buying too much food or eating too little food or if you need to make changes in how you consume food and drink.

Your tracker app can also help you see when you have eaten enough and/or too much food, making it easier to make changes in how you consume food and drink. Most apps have a function that alerts you when your account has been topped up too often, which is a helpful reminder to stay on track.

In addition to your app, breakfast, lunch, and dinner can provide some foods for snack time, so it is not a complete dry diet. Your daily intake should be in the range of 1,000-1,500 calories per day to keep your weight under control.

Re-order your favorite dishes

singapore meal plan

If you love a particular dish or foods on your meal plan, it is possible to re-order them. They even have recipes available online! You just have to make sure they are still available before you purchase your plan.

You can also try to ask for your favorite dishes on your next plan. Although we did not do this, we were told that if we wanted to add new dishes to our next meal plan, we would have to pay an additional charge of $5 per person.

Our server confirmed this was the case with her next plans as well. If you do want new dishes, save some money by ordering the same dish set or group of dishes instead of buying individual items.

Share your meal plan with friends or family members

singapore meal plan

If you have a Singapore meal plan, you can share your food diet with your friends and family members. It is free to use the Singapore government’s meal plan system. All you have to do is ask for it when you join the program and then you can share your diet with people.

The Singapore government offers two types of meal plans: Family and Individual. Family plans include four people in the average, while Individual plans include one person in the average.

Both types of meals are defined as low-fat, fresh foods from around your local kitchen. You can request either a cooked or raw food diet, so long as it is comparable in texture and taste.

Your nutritionist may also recommend a special diet for an isolated medical condition, so this is not a major reason to join the group together.

Get reimbursed by the university

singapore meal plan

If you’re already a student, you can easily get reimbursed from your university for any meal or snacks you eat on campus. Most universities have a website where you can upload your proof of class attendance to claim your reimbursement.

However, if you are not a student, you can also get reimbursed by the university. In this case, your university will pay the cost of your meals and snacks as long as you are at least 21 years of age and attending college.

Your college will determine what foods are considered meals and what snacks are considered servings, so don’t worry about that. Most colleges offer food court-type places where you can get quality food and snack options.

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