Singapore’s Best Meal Plans

best meal plans singapore

Singapore is widely recognized as one of the best dining destinations worldwide, known for its delectable hawker fare and innovative restaurant concepts.

Healthy food delivery services have become increasingly popular as more working professionals look to maintain a balanced lifestyle. These companies specialize in customizing meals based on your dietary requirements and deliver them directly to you doorstep.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

No matter your goal – whether weight loss or muscle building – these meal plans provide chef-cooked healthy meals delivered right to your door, saving time, money and energy while having almost zero environmental impact.

Nutrition Kitchen specialises in offering delicious yet high-quality meals with locally sourced ingredients to create an expansive menu with something for every palate and lifestyle. Their meal plans are developed by body composition experts specifically tailored for you!

Their caloric options include the regular balanced plan, large low carb plan and powersize plan – each plan provides different amounts of calories per meal but all share one thing in common: never sacrifice flavor!

Yummy Bros

Hawker food is an integral part of Singaporean life, but consuming too much may not be in our best interests when trying to lose weight. Enter local meal prep startup Yummy Bros who specialize in offering reinvented Asian dishes that are healthy yet nutritionally transparent – yet delicious.

Yummy Bros is the brainchild of three fitness-driven friends. Their dishes taste home-cooked while actually made from whole foods and expertly seasoned. You’ll find everything from low-fat Nasi Lemak to Kung Pow chicken (containing halal roasted chicken and spicy garlic eggplant) so that you can find exactly the food to fit into your macros. Their meals are then blast-canned and frozen for safe transport so you can reheat them quickly in your microwave! Pre-ordering allows them to avoid food wastage while also encouraging repeat purchases through reward points!

Insane Meals

Insane Meals, Singapore’s plant-based meal subscription service, delivers ready-to-eat meals two times every week directly to your door. Each dish is designed with all flexitarians and vegetarians in mind and prepared by their head chef; additionally, their menu rotates regularly so as to never become repetitive for your taste buds!

Die meals use Impossible Beef, which looks and tastes just like ground beef but requires 96% less land, 87% less water, and emits 89% fewer greenhouse gases than meat from cows. Therefore it makes an ideal solution for meat eaters looking to go vegan or reduce their meat consumption.

Insane Meals works to reduce its carbon footprint by using recycled paper boxes, ice packs and insulation bags for all deliveries. They also employ smart delivery routing with mobility apps in order to optimize fuel consumption.

Fresher Singapore

Fresher is a unique dinner delivery service that instantly blast-chills their freshly made meals upon delivery to ensure delicious and healthy eating for days – allowing you to eat when it suits you (only available on weekends) without waste!

Tingkat Meals are delivered in insulated bags labelled with your name for easy storage and reheating at home, a welcome departure from styrofoam containers used by other Tingkat services.

Fresher donates 4.1% of its meal sales to Secondmeal, a non-profit organisation which distributes meals to vulnerable households in Singapore such as cleaner aunties and working elderlies who find it hard to put food on their tables. You can support them by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign.


Yummy Bros’ menu is carefully designed by its chefs and team of dieticians. Choose from their variety of healthy meal plans – such as those tailored to weight loss or muscle building – as well as ala carte ordering options.

This service pairs nutritious variations of popular dishes like char kway teow and nasi lemak with local food vendors to offer quick and healthy meals without MSG or preservatives, yet full of flavour.

Fitness Three is an online meal delivery subscription designed specifically to support active people in meeting their fitness goals. Offering nutritionally balanced dishes like baked Icelandic Halibut and Coronation Chicken Salad as well as vegetarian, low-carb and omnitarian options – Fitness Three makes staying on track easy!

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