The Best Healthy Food Singapore

best healthy food singapore

With more Singaporeans turning towards organic lifestyles, many more Singaporeans are seeking healthy options in their food choices – and many health-focused restaurants can be found throughout Singapore.

AMGD Restaurant opened their online dining service in 2016 with the mission of serving nutritious dishes without compromising taste, and their menu boasts several signature flavors.


Scoop, located in Singapore, offers delicious yet healthy dishes. Their healthy bowl options include rice, salad, scallion and pineapple dishes as well as drinks to stay hydrated throughout your day.

Whatever you need – refreshing juice, smoothie bowl or post-workout meal – this place has it. They offer a selection of nutritious dishes free from gluten, dairy and soy. Plus they have several vegan-friendly choices!

Hawker food is an integral part of Singaporean culture, yet not always the healthiest option when counting calories. That’s why Yummy Bros is offering healthy takes on traditional local dishes like nasi lemak and beef rendang as well as full transparency so it is easier for customers to track their nutrition.

Real Food

Real Food is a three-in-one cafe, bookshop and organic grocery store located in Orchard area that’s ideal for health-food fans. Offering both Asian and Western-influenced menu items made with organic veggies.

The cafe features a clean, spacious dining room equipped with sleek modern furniture. Large windows bring natural light into the space while books act as partitions to divide off distinct sections of it.

This vegetarian-focused restaurant provides both Western and Asian vegetarian offerings; many of these dishes are also vegan-friendly. Prices are very reasonable; their Cucumber Apple Cold-Pressed Juice is refreshing and delectable! They also provide catering services; all meals made using fresh ingredients free from trans-fat, processed sugars and MSG; they’re gluten and dairy-free as well.

Aloha Poke

Aloha Poke provides an awesome poke bowl experience in an engaging atmosphere, complete with fun tiki touches for an enjoyable dining and socializing experience. Don’t miss this place when searching for that unique poke experience!

At this restaurant, the menu offers classic tuna and salmon poke as well as more exotic options like mentaiko and tofu. Each bowl comes served with white rice or salad and can be customized with add-ons and sauce of your choosing.

Jewel Changi Airport’s Level 5 restaurant, boasting its glass roof that allows natural sunlight to flood in during the daytime and creates an inviting dining experience, is a popular spot for foodies.

Unagi vs Salmon

Get healthy lunch options when working from home (WFH) or stuck in an office can be difficult. While hawker food may tempt you, opt for healthier choices like chicken rice and mee siam instead. When selecting lunch items such as roti prata (pratha) or puri, go for healthier alternatives like chapati, dosa or idli that contains chickpeas and dahl.

Unagi vs Salmon of Icon Village offers healthy grain and poke bowls packed with flavor and nutrition. Customize your own meal by choosing from one of their base options (soba or quinoa) then choosing from their wide array of sashimi-grade fish options and complementary add-ons to build your bowl!

Whole Earth is a delicious Peranakan-Thai vegetarian restaurant offering fresh and nutritious food free from MSG or refined sugar – their menu features low-carb salads, protein bowls and smoothies for their guests! Not to mention it’s conveniently located nearby Evolve MMA Singapore!

Whole Earth

Whole Earth is a vegan-friendly restaurant offering an extensive menu of plant-based meals, all packed with essential fibre and vitamins while still managing to be deliciously authentic Asian cuisine – their Penang Rendang might swap out beef for shiitake mushrooms but remains hearty and deliciously Peranakan!

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