The Best Meal Plans in Singapore

best meal plans singapore

For those who struggle to stay on track with their healthy eating goals, meal plans offer convenient delivery of wholesome meals right at your door. We’ve rounded up the top services that can help you get ahead of the game and reach your wellness objectives!

Nutrify is one of the few clean eating meal plan services that provides a clear representation of each meal’s nutritional value on their website. Furthermore, they provide an highly customizable meal planner and calorie calculator to help you stay on track with your health objectives.


Nutrify is a personalized meal planning service that draws from nutrition data, clinical research, medications and health conditions to create recipes tailored for each individual’s needs. Additionally, it offers tailored recipes based on your fitness objectives.

Eating nutritiously and on schedule while staying committed to your diet is possible with this convenient, hassle-free option for those who are busy with work or household responsibilities.

They offer a selection of five-day plans and 19-day packages. All their meals are calorie controlled with balanced protein and carbs for an all-around balanced diet.

YOLO Food provides pre-cooked, gluten-free and vegetarian meal plans that heat up in just 3 minutes. Their pre-cooked meals and vacuum-packed ingredients make it the ideal solution for those who don’t have the time or energy to make dinner from scratch.

Nutrition Kitchen Singapore is a comprehensive meal delivery service that offers both Western and Indian cuisines. Their menu changes weekly, giving customers plenty of options for delicious meals delivered straight to their door.


YOLO Food is a take-away concept that provides nutritious and balanced meals. Their four meal plans – balanced, low carb, vegetarian and weight loss – are tailored by an in-house nutritionist for maximum personalization.

At Green Mountain Bistro, the dishes on the menu are carefully crafted by experienced chefs with fresh ingredients. Their in-house nutritionist has approved several signature items like basil minced chicken, beef bulgogi and nutritious greens – all created with love!

They offer a Build-Your-Own section where you can design your perfect meal from dishes such as Peranakan curry chicken, baked honey miso salmon and beef meatballs.

YOLO Food is halal-certified and provides vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Their subscription plan includes a meal for lunch and dinner as well as snacks and tea to keep you energized throughout the day.


WhyQ is Singapore’s leading hawker food delivery service, providing thousands of meals daily through over 2000 hawker partners. With no minimum order requirement and a flat $1.5 delivery fee, It’s an ideal way to satiate your appetite at home or the office.

Why Q offers a range of meal options from hawker centres and food courts, including halal and vegetarian choices. They also have corporate catering services where they curate menus from local hawkers and affordable restaurants for office lunches.

WhyQ stands out from other food delivery services by running an on-demand model with its hub-and-spoke delivery system. This enables them to hire fewer personnel and streamline the delivery process in order to eliminate minimum orders and cut costs.

WhyQ also operates the Marketplace@WhyQ, an aggregator-style online platform that enables food vendors to showcase their menus on the WhyQ app and sell through it. This vendor-agnostic portal helps boost visibility for Singaporean hawkers while eliminating high commission fees from other food delivery services.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen SG is a meal plan company that caters to all fitness goals with high-protein, low-carb and reduced-calorie options. They provide various meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner to meet different needs and budgets.

They offer vegan, gluten-free and pescatarian meals designed by expert chefs to fit the lifestyles of those looking to stay healthy without sacrificing flavor.

The website is user-friendly and provides a detailed breakdown of nutritional values, calories and macronutrients. Furthermore, they have a free-plan option that lets you sample the foods before subscribing to an active subscription.

Nutrition Kitchen’s team of fitness coaches have perfected the art of creating meal plans that are both nutritious and delicious. Utilizing SleekFlow to execute their sophisticated communication strategy, Nutrition Kitchen has seen a steady increase in sales over time.

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