Top 3 Diet Meal Delivery Services in Singapore

diet meal delivery singapore

Eating healthy has never been simpler with meal prep services that deliver delicious and nutrious meals directly to your door.

Yummy Bros is known for serving Asian-inspired meals that taste just like they came out of mom’s kitchen but are actually deliciously healthy. Their meal plans contain ample protein, low glycemic carbs and healthy fats for optimal wellness.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros’ team of chefs specialize in reinventing Asian dishes loved by millions worldwide – making them healthier, customisable, and delicious as ever. Each meal is then blast chilled and delivered directly to your doorstep in eco-friendly packaging.

Their menu boasts delicious yet healthy renditions of local dishes like Spicy Chicken Lemak, Coffee Pork Ribs and Beef Rendang – each dish includes its own nutritional information for those following macros.

Yummy Bros’ philosophy centers on their belief that diet should not be an unpleasant burden; their custom meals cater specifically to those looking to either lose weight or gain muscle. Their online Macro Calculator makes this easy; simply input your BMR and DEE levels to figure out your daily energy requirements before selecting which dishes best meet them based on price point (Yummy Bros’ dishes are priced competitively at approximately $5 per serving).

Fitness Ration

Fitness Ration, a startup in the healthy meal delivery space, offers a selection of protein powders designed to supplement meals. Their products feature high-quality amino acid profiles made up of whey protein hydrolysate and concentrate, easily mixing into smoothies for consumption throughout the day and also cooking protein which can be used in recipes. Fitness Ration was founded in 2014 with an unspecified valuation; their UEN number is 53283943M while they’re based out of Singapore; rival companies include NutriFit and The Good Spoon; Fitness Ration has been around 8.5 years now and still counting!


AMGD Global was launched by food tech company Li Da Foods in November 2016 as one of the newest players in meal prep delivery services. Their name stands for Ahhmahgawd – they hope that when people taste their delectable healthy meals they will proclaim this fact!

Your menu at A Tasteful Vegan is designed by their chefs, dieticians and nutritionists in consultation. No added sugar or MSG are used in their dishes – instead they focus on using low glycemic carbohydrates with high quality protein contents to meet varying diet requirements – including set meals and protein by the pound – plus they even offer Halal-certified meals!

AMGD provides an easy and user-friendly website where you can quickly locate diet meals that suit you, select a meal plan and select your pick-up location – with food being delivered chilled twice weekly to you chilled! Their extensive menu offers local healthy variations of char kway teow and nasi lemak alongside traditional roast chicken and seafood meals.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen provides an all-in-one solution to healthy eating. Crafted by body composition specialists and prepared by top chefs, their clients can select from an extensive menu before having their dishes chilled and delivered directly to their gym of choice for easy consumption.

All meals at Achiote are carefully designed to balance macros and calorie counting without compromising flavor, including sesame crusted tuna salad with red peppers, green papaya salad with balinese chicken salad as a side, burnt miso chicken with pomegranate, pickled cucumber, butter lettuce and nahm pla phrik as well as Achiote marinated sole fish and prawns served alongside quinoa corn salad with tomato vinaigrette.

AMGD was established by three friends who found it challenging to find healthy food that didn’t taste boring or bland. Their meals feature fresh ingredients with minimal oil use. Furthermore, AMGD provides vegetarian and vegan options, healthy snacks and protein packs for all.

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