Top 5 Places to Eat Healthy in Singapore

eat healthy singapore

Though many Singaporeans understand that what they eat will have an effect on their long-term health, many find it challenging to implement a nutritious diet due to costs and inconvenience.

Local residents would appreciate seeing more products that are organic, free from artificial preservatives and have low sodium contents.

Terra Madre Cafe

Delicious cuisine awaits your enjoyment at this restaurant, which utilizes only premium ingredients in its preparation. Enjoy an array of vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as excellent service, not to mention an impressive wine selection.

This Italian restaurant is an absolute must for those who appreciate rustic cuisine. Situated in a traditional Apulian trulli near Piazza Sacramento, they source many ingredients directly from their gardens so their cuisine remains flavorful and fresh. Offering everything from stuffed artichokes to handmade strascinati pasta with broccoli, anchovies and breadcrumbs; there’s sure to be something here that satisfies.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto marks the inaugural event to showcase coffee produced by Slow Food Coffee Coalition (SFCC), an international network of food communities comprised of farmers, fishermen, breeders, chefs, academics and food enthusiasts who share an affinity for specific food or geographical areas.

The Eatery

Singapore offers an exquisite blend of Chinese and Malay cuisines, making it a foodie’s dream destination. Renowned for Hainanese chicken rice and chili crab, this tiny nation also has an unique social coffee shop culture known as kopitiams where locals gather for breakfast – often sharing a cup of tea or coffee along with bread or soft-boiled egg slices or soft-boiled eggs from kopitiams! Kaya (spreadable coconut jam) and roti are other popular breakfast offerings; while laksa varieties feature noodles as their starch while curry or gravy provides its foundation – make Singapore an absolute delight when it comes to culinary experiences!

Chef Edward Chong utilizes his vast Cantonese cooking skill to take dishes such as his cigar rolls to dizzying East-meets-West heights. If you love Asian comfort food with an interesting edge, the restaurant should definitely be on your itinerary.

Stanley Market & Food Centre

Stanley Market and Food Centre is an inviting neighborhood hub that features air-conditioned shopping, sit-down and bubble tea restaurants, as well as fun activities for children. Discover unique Colorado store brands such as Trunk Nouveau, Velvet Wolf and Steele Angel; as well as its Zero Market (zero waste). Additionally, this market encourages patrons to bring in their own bags and containers from home!

Stanley Market offers a more relaxed, local feel than its bustling counterparts, Temple Street or Central. However, you’ll still find lanes upon lanes of stalls selling Chinese and Southeast Asian souvenirs; clothing; watches; suitcases at low cost; children’s costumes etc.

Kome Kushi offers delicious modern Japanese-style sushi, skewers and shaved ice desserts – perfect for quick snacks or drinks in Stanley. Uber Eats provides convenient service whereby we will track the estimated arrival time of your order to within minutes of its estimated time of arrival!

The Greenery

Green is an invigorating color that immediately creates feelings of freshness and vitality, whether that’s from gazing upon lush grasses glistening with dewdrops or plants flourishing with life bursting from their pots bursting forth life-giving stems bursting forth their leaves bursting forth, green is sure to instantly lift your mood and restore both mind and spirit. So get lost in its green splendor for a relaxing vacation in Wayanad.

The Greenery offers its employees incredible benefits, such as health insurance, dental and vision coverage, PTO accruing according to longevity, as well as 401K and Roth IRA retirement plans. Furthermore, their office environment fosters an atmosphere that emphasizes safety.

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