Vegetarian Meal Plan Singapore

vegetarian meal plan singapore

Clean eating has never been simpler or more affordable thanks to meal plan delivery services that provide nutritious meals free from refined sugar, MSG and preservatives.

Singapore’s latest plant-based meal subscription service, Insane Meals, makes transitioning to a meatless diet deliciously convenient and hassle-free. Their dishes feature local healthy renditions of classic dishes like char kway teow and nasi lemak along with plant-based proteins such as Tindle, Gardein and Impossible Meat for ease of transitioning.


An effective vegetarian diet can be an ideal way to ensure optimal health. It should include an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit along with whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds for adequate calcium, iron and vitamin C intake. Individuals should avoid highly processed food products and limit their fat consumption for best results.

Individuals pursuing vegetarianism should consult with a dietitian to ensure they’re meeting all their nutritional requirements, which may involve consulting supplements or finding other sources of protein, fatty acids and micronutrients. Singapore’s new vegan meal delivery service Insane Meals partners with plant-based meat companies like Tindle and Impossible Foods to offer meals that are both tasty and nutritional. Their menu features locally popular dishes like Cheeky Mala Xiang Guo, Sayur Lovely Lodeh and savoury Vegetable Bee Hoon – perfect for anyone wanting to start out this new lifestyle journey!


No matter your fitness goals – muscle building, fat loss or maintaining your weight – this vegetarian meal plan can help. Packed with plenty of protein-rich foods that replace animal products’ vitamins and minerals for maximum success!

This vegan meal delivery service partners with plant-based protein brands like OMNI and Impossible Foods to deliver delectable yet healthy dishes like Pesto Mac ‘N Cheese, Organic Bibimbap and Chili Non Carne. Meals come packed in convenient portions that can easily be heated back up at home.


Common belief about vegetarianism is that meat-free meals lack protein, yet in reality these dishes contain plenty of this nutrient for daily wear and tear and post-workout recovery. You can still meet your protein needs by including vegetables, legumes and grains in your daily diet.

Are you searching for an easy and healthy meal solution? Consider signing up with Insane Meals – Singapore’s latest plant-based delivery service offering 2- or 4-meal weekly subscriptions from companies like Tindle, Impossible Meat and OMNI to create delicious plant-based protein dishes which are good for both yourself and the planet. It features signature dishes like Cheeky Mala Xiang Guo and Sayur Lovely Lodeh in addition to familiar Western options such as its hearty Impossible Burger.


Protein is the foundation of our bodies, essential both for daily wear-and-tear maintenance as well as building muscle. A vegetarian meal plan can meet your protein requirements as long as you select appropriate options.

Food delivery services in Singapore offer convenient solutions to keeping on track with healthy eating goals. Here are some of the leading meal plan delivery services that offer nutritious yet simple meal options, allowing you to reach your healthiest eating goals more efficiently.

Insane Meals is Singapore’s newest plant-based meal subscription service that works in collaboration with vegan meat brands like Omnimeat and Impossible Foods to offer nutritious meals, such as Cheeky Mala Xiang Guo and Sayur Lovely Lodeh. If traveling by plane, be sure to select your special meal when booking or immediately afterwards (taking screenshots in case your airline forgets) so they can bring it onboard for you.

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