Weight Loss Meal Plan Singapore

weight loss meal plan singapore

As one in nine Singaporeans suffers from diabetes, the Health Promotion Board has launched several campaigns to encourage healthier choices. My Healthy Plate serves as a visual reminder that eating well can reduce risks associated with chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is a meal prep delivery service offering healthful Asian fare from local hawker stalls and restaurants. Their menu boasts healthy Asian dishes with all of the right ingredients included.

Gerald Tan, Anson Lim and Ben Leu founded their Singaporean startup in 2018 with an idea that healthy food doesn’t need to be bland and made meal prep simple and enjoyable. Their simple online calculator lets users calculate their BMR (daily energy expenditure without exercise) and DEE (daily energy expenditure with exercise), to find meals tailored specifically for themselves.

Once you have established a diet plan, choose from their selection of affordable yet nutritious congee, protein bowls and soups at prices starting from $4.90 each. They blast-chill their freshly prepared meals in order to preserve freshness and nutrition, encouraging a healthier lifestyle by always having some healthy meals ready at home for delivery weekly deliveries.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Singapore-based company launched in 2018 offers personalized meal plans tailored specifically to male and female consumers’ needs, along with home delivery of these meals.

Nutrition Kitchen SG offers delicious yet healthy meals for their clients, using body composition experts to ensure balanced and tasty menus.

They provide a range of meal plans, from vegan diets to low-carb and reduced-calorie options, delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps.

Tastefully prepared from fresh ingredients, their meals taste truly delectable and can even come served with soup! Perfect for those looking to lose weight and get in shape quickly while remaining affordable; five-day meal plans start from only HKD800 per month!

Fit Three

Fit Three stands out as an impressive source for healthy meals. Their impressive menu of caloric-controlled dishes spans from breakfast through dinner. Their website is user-friendly, while customer service excels. You’re sure to find a plan that meets both your lifestyle and budget; with just a few clicks you could soon have delicious treats delivered right to your door! They also have an active social media presence as well as web and app-based tools designed to keep you on track and at their optimal state!


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