Weight Loss Meal Plan Singapore

weight loss meal plan singapore

Mdm Lee* was concerned about her borderline high blood sugar level and weight problems, so she turned to Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Dietetics for assistance in creating a meal plan.

Adulting can be a struggle – from keeping finances in order to adhering to skincare routines – but just imagine coming home after an exhausting day and having your favorite takeout meal delivered right to your door!

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen SG was established by a team of personal trainers to provide tailored nutritional meal plans for men and women alike. Each meal meets fitness goals while remaining calorie controlled, featuring high proteins, low carbohydrates and reduced fat options. They even offer plant-based options such as miso roasted eggplant with Spanish olive tomato sauce; mushroom meatballs in olive tomato sauce; spinach artichoke tofu frittata! All delivered right to homes or offices!

Deliveroo offers an easy ordering process and offers flexible meal plans tailored to different lifestyles. Their dishes feature fresh ingredients packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – prepared by professional chefs who prepare delicious food daily! Deliveroo offers two or three daily deliveries; their fee varies based on how many meals were ordered as well as which plan is selected.

Fit Three

Fit Three provides meals that are nutritional, balanced, and calorie-controlled. Their meals can accommodate numerous diets such as vegetarianism, low-carbohydrate lifestyles and weight loss; plus there is even an option for halal food! Their delivery service runs on a fixed schedule delivering two times each week; perfect for customers with set routines or lifestyles like gym-goers who need fueling activities rather than tantalising tastes! Their meals may taste tasty but not spectacular – designed more as fuel than tantalising taste buds!

Fit Three was established in September 2014 as a food preparation and delivery service that specializes in catering healthy, wholesome meals to fit-centric lifestyles. They deliver to homes, offices, hotels and offer options for omnitarian, low-carb and vegetarian diets – as well as weekly menu rotations featuring items with their calories listed so customers can keep track of their intake. All meals prepared by professional chefs who specialise in wellness diets – perfect for anyone seeking to keep a balanced and nutritious diet!

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is an Asian meal preparation delivery service offering healthy yet delectable Asian cuisine at an affordable and nutritious price point. They provide individual plans as well as group plans with multiple protein options; their meals can even be tailored specifically to meet fitness goals and dietary requirements.

The company provides an innovative meal-planning service, encouraging their customers to take control of their health. Their website boasts an “Macro Calculator,” allowing users to determine their daily energy requirements based on BMR and DEE calculations, and nutritional information for all their products including macro breakdown and calorie counts.

Yummy Bros is a meal prep service offering deceptively tasty food, blast-chilling their meals to lock in nutrition, flavor, and texture for easy storage in the freezer and microwave use on-the-go. They provide convenient healthy options when time for cooking doesn’t permit! Yummy Bros is an ideal solution for busy individuals seeking healthier eating without taking time or effort in creating their meals themselves.


Nutrition Kitchen SG provides delicious weight loss meal plans Singapore that deliver healthful meals right to your door. With their wide range of omnitarian, vegetarian and low-carb meal options – prepared using only natural ingredients such as healthy fats and proteins as well as fresh veggies and fruits – Nutrition Kitchen’s weight loss meal plans Singapore are an excellent alternative to fast food.

Counting calories may be difficult, but necessary if one wants to shed excess pounds. Mdm Evelyn Lee* had healthy eating habits but was overweight with borderline high blood sugar levels; therefore she sought assistance from the Singapore General Hospital Department of Dietetics dietitian for assistance in losing weight.

She was advised to eat a balanced diet that included low-carb foods and lean proteins. Furthermore, Mdm Lee was encouraged to engage in regular physical activity. Mdm Lee began training with BMF and her blood sugars began improving. Furthermore, she experienced weight loss of two kilograms per week as opposed to her previous conventional diet plan.

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