Diet Meal Delivery Singapore

diet meal delivery singapore

Diet meal delivery Singapore can be a godsend for busy professionals with little time to cook. Here are 13 local services that bring nutritious meals right to your door.

Yummy Bros is a meal delivery service that specializes in Asian flavors with a healthy twist. Their individually portioned dishes offer more protein and fiber than typical, as well as moderate amounts of carbs and healthy fats.

Yummy Bros

Established in 2018 by fitness-minded Singaporean friends, Yummy Bros offers healthy and delicious Asian meals that satisfy your nutritional needs without leaving you feeling bloated. Their menu offers a healthier twist on popular street foods, and the ordering system allows you to select portion sizes as well as sources for proteins, carbs and fibre.

They offer a selection of keto-friendly items for those on the diet. Furthermore, they suggest keeping a food diary to make sure you’re following the right macros based on your goals and preferences.

Yummy Bros menu boasts an eclectic mix of Indonesian delights, Korean favorites and local classics. Their calorie calculator on their website helps you keep tabs on your daily intake so you can plan meals accordingly.

Yummy Bros blast-chills all its freshly cooked dishes to maintain their freshness and flavor, then delivers them directly to you. You can store these frozen meals in your fridge for up to seven days, simply reheating when you’re craving some flavor!


FitThree is a diet meal delivery service designed to fuel active people after exercise. Each meal is customized by a certified dietitian to fit each person’s individual needs.

Their menu changes weekly, so you won’t get bored of eating the same thing over and over. Plus, they provide a wide range of options from low carb to larger nutrition packs.

What’s more, they make tracking your macros simple – their built-in calculator is especially beneficial for the keto diet.

They offer weekly fixed meals designed to fuel active people – available for pick-up or doorstep delivery. You can opt for either a three or five day plan, and even subscribe to an ongoing one!

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen SG provides body composition specialists with a selection of high-protein, low-carb and reduced-calorie meals that are delivered right to customers’ doors by world class chefs.

They offer a vegan meal plan to assist those on a plant-based diet in reaching their fitness objectives. This menu features dishes like miso roasted eggplant; mushroom meatballs in Spanish olive tomato sauce; and spinach and artichoke tofu frittata.

All meals are calorie-controlled and come in a cardboard box, so you can easily check their ingredients and carbohydrate counts. They offer meal plans of five days or a week as well as the Powersize plan for those with particularly intense workouts.

Their delivery service is also impressive, with food arriving daily at 8.30am sharp. They deliver to gyms, offices and homes along the northern line of Hong Kong island.


A 26-year-old cancer patient was able to maintain her health for two years with AMGD’s diet meal delivery services. Their CARE and SUNSHINE series are specially formulated to aid those recovering from cancer or related conditions.

AMGD is a healthy food delivery service that works on a pay-per-use meal credit system. They have an extensive menu selection to choose from, including healthy renditions of classic Chinese dishes like char kway teow or nasi lemak as well as standard roast meat and seafood options.

Their menu is Halal certified, without added sugar, preservatives or MSG. Plus they pair your protein of choice with fresh greens or complex carbs to maximize macronutrient intake.

AMGD was one of the early pioneers in Singapore’s diet meal delivery scene and offers a wide variety of dishes to suit different palates. Their a la carte plan costs $17 per meal while their gold plan comes at only $12 per meal.

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